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MAS Rewards Me: Our Enhanced Loyalty Program

Get rewarded for your hard work and dedication!

MAS Medical Staffing is excited to announce our new and improved employee loyalty program, MAS Rewards Me.

MAS Rewards Me was created with our hard working team in mind as a way to thank them for consistently going above and beyond!

MAS Medical Staffing candidates and employees now have access to an entire “shopping mall” of merchandise. From the latest in tech to concert tickets to airfare and hotel accommodations, the MAS Rewards Me program offers outstanding quality and a robust selection of options.

Earning points can be done in a number of ways relating to the different types of employment assignments offered by MAS Medical Staffing.

Here are a few of the many ways employees earn points within the new MAS Rewards Me program.

  • Complete an assignment of a set number of hours.
  • Claim bonus points when opting into an extension.
  • Refer a qualified candidate to earn more points.
  • Complete a Job Board or Online Listing Review

Employees earn points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of the latest electronics, fine jewelry, home and outdoor gear and great travel opportunities!*

The MAS Rewards Me program’s online dashboard makes it easy to check point balances and redeem points for great prizes.

Redeeming points is simple: Log in, shop, and score! The dashboard even includes a “Wish List” that calculates points needed; showing exactly what it will take to achieve a rewards goal.

The concept is simple—the more you work with MAS, the more points you can earn towards great prizes.

MAS Medical Staffing values our hard working professionals. They make a difference every day, and we enjoy showing our appreciation!

For full rules and to sign up visit masrewardsme.com!

Login | MAS Rewards Me: Our Enhanced Loyalty Program for Candidates

How To Enroll:

Once you’ve been entered into the MAS System you can enroll in two easy steps!

Step 1: Click on the ‘New Here’ button on the login page.

Step 2: Enter your email address and click ‘Submit’. This will bring you to the page where you will fill out your personal info and set your password.

Once this is completed, you will then have access to the mall and your points balance!

Redeem Points | MAS Rewards Me: Our Enhanced Loyalty Program for Candidates

Redeem Your Points:

Once you have points to spend, simply log in to your personal account with the email address you used when enrolling and the password you selected.

Step 1: Click the “Redeem Now!” tab in the top menu to browse or search the online catalog. Or, click “My Account” to update your profile, view available points, awarded points, points spent and item details on your redeemed points.

Step 2: When you have located the item you wish to redeem, you may check out right away, or add more items to your online award shopping cart.

Step 3: Finally, update or confirm the shipping address and your rewards will soon be on their way!

We are very excited about the enhanced MAS Rewards Me program that offers a new way for our dedicated employees (from the health professionals we staff to our internal office teams) to earn additional perks!

*All prizes are subject to the federal tax code.

What items do you want to see in the rewards mall?

Tell us in the comments below!