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Hawaii Travel Nursing Jobs

Get paid to go to the sun during winter with our Hawaii travel nursing jobs!

It might be the closest thing to paradise: Hawaii!

This state consists of eight main islands and literally hundreds of small islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. It’s the only one of our country’s states to be located in Oceania.

And location is key, because it gives Hawaii its tropical climate, miles and miles of beaches, and highly diverse natural scenery.

Oahu is home to the majority of Hawaii’s population. It holds specific significance, since it’s where Pearl Harbor is located.

Naturally, there are museums and memorials dedicated to the Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base in 1941. Fortunately, that tragedy doesn’t outshine the island’s beauty today.

The world-famous Waikiki Beach is a hotspot for travelers from across the globe. And, the legendary North Shore is the birthplace of the spectacular big wave surfing.

Spend a day at Hanauma Bay where you can snorkel for hours through the inner reef. It’s the perfect place to spot schools of vibrantly colored fish. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see dolphins and turtles!

Hawaii Island is the largest island. It boasts everything from beaches to snow-capped mountains.

It’s also home to The Great Crack, a fissure of approximately eight miles long, caused by volcanic activity. It’s now a popular hiking and archeological site.

Downtown Hilo is one of the best places for shopping.

Most noteworthy is the drive along scenic Hamakua coast, featuring some of the most spectacular waterfall vistas in the world!

For a more authentic experience, visit Molokai, where almost half of the population is of Native Hawaiian heritage. It’s immediately noticeable in the picturesque town of Kaunakakai.

Visit Halawa Valley to see some of Hawaii’s most stunning flora and fauna. This area is best enjoyed on horseback, so you have more chance of spotting some of the island’s amazing birds and animals.

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